Adenio, a workshop oh haute couture in the heart of Lyon

Silk scarves, foulard, stoles, bags and apparel

All our creations and productions, scarves, stoles, ready to wear, leatherwork… are made in our workshop based in Lyon by seamstress trained by ourselves and which have worked with the most famous names of French luxury.

Used to the most precious and finest materials, they provide a work of great quality and master all the techniques endorsed by the maisons of haute couture.

100% Made in France

We are proud to offer you a service 100% Made in France. Our manufacturing site, based in Lyon, historical city of silk’s profession, allows us to reply, with products 100% made in France, in extremely short deadlines to all your request of prototypes, singles pieces and small to medium ranges but also to make you production more reliable in an establishment entitled according to the French textile standards.

Situated in the heart of France, in a region favorably served by any transportation network, our site is allowing us to provide you with a unique reactivity on all you productions, whether it is in France or worldwide.

An expertise mastered

Because you creations are atypical, diverse and precise, our seamstress master the process of confection of haute couture, assembly and finishing touches such as the placings of fringes, frames, but also ennoblement actions such has weaving and printing according to your needs, embroidery, personalization, bias binding, placement of rhinestones or accessories, handmade rolled edges scarves, French or Italian rolled edges, authentic bourdon stitch, fringe finishing, zic finishing, flat hem, piping.

Made in France - Logo

A complete and adapted machinery

Our site is equipped with state of the art machine tools allowing an adaptation depending on the worked materials as well as traditional tools perfectly operational giving a quality of work unmatched by nowadays tools.

  • Authentic Bourdon stitch machine
  • Rolling edge stitching machine
  • Overlock machines 4 and 5 threads
  • One and two needles lockstitch machines
  • Top and bottom feed lockstitch machine
  • Coverstitch machine
  • Bias binding machine
  • Hemstitching machine
  • Button sewing and buttonholing machine
  • Placing of eyelets
  • Bartacking
  • Electric scissors with circular blade
  • Handmade cut
  • Fusing machine, heat sealing
  • Placing of rhinestones
  • Ironing
  • Folding
  • Packaging
  • Pattern printing
  • Table and CAO software

Accompanying you in all serenity

You creation deserves a confection of excellence! And your project deserve a support of quality and proximity! Adenio can accompany you from the start to the end of the implementation of your project by covering the essential phases.

  • Accessories research
  • Materials research
  • Fashion design
  • Modeling
  • Computer aided modeling
  • Gradation
  • Placement and material optimization
  • Molding
  • Pattern printing
  • Prototyping
  • Lead units
  • Range manufacturing
  • Cost calculation, feasibility
  • Digitalization
  • Regulatory accompanying
  • Proposals of composition labels

From you to us

Our contractors are famous maisons of haute couture, big names of ready to wear, creation offices, styling agency, dressmaker, tailors, fashion designers that are already known or yet to be.

They have in common the talent, the urge, the passion for excellence and refinement, the head full of dreams or a precise idea and looking for an exigent partner to achieve their projects all over the world.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We grant an important part of our time to the reflection and implementation of our corporate social responsibility. We deal with our wastes by paying attention to selective sorting in offices as well as in workshop. We recycle our fabric leftovers and optimize their utility to limit the wastes.

We value the concerned wastes such as light bulb, cardboard, ink cartridge alongside specialized providers. We raise the awareness of our collaborator on the impact of you company as well as on their personal actions on the environment. Each and every year we aim to reduce our impact on the planet.

The selection of our partner (marketing, communication, web …) takes in consideration the proximity and the regional know how giving us the opportunity to boost the local employment and to reduce the transport and the greenhouse gas emissions.

Our actions to answer to our orientations of corporate social responsibility are various, thoughtful, defended and effective:

  • Preference given to local know how
  • Subcontracting towards rehabilitation workers for internal communication operations
  • Acquisition of state of the art machinery to reduce energy consumption and noise
  • Usage of recycled paper and vegetal inks
  • Concentration of our supply purchases to limit transportation
  • Sorting of batteries and recycling
  • Eco friendly driving advices for our employees
  • Awareness on shutting down the machine tools in periods of absence

Simply because we are convinced that anyone’s action will help the welfare of everyone!