Design and Prototyping

A designer dedicated to your project

Fashion is in constant evolution and ready to wear codes have to be respected if you wish to reach your objectives.

Our designer roam through the biggest fashion shows and will know how to bring you, while respecting your brand DNA, precious advices in the process of formatting your ideas, the realization of your collections while respecting the trends of your market.

Whether it is for the luxury, sport, leisure, children market or any other domain, his wise advices on the materials, the style, the finishing touches, the assembly, the fit as well as his drawings will clarify your thoughts to give birth to your product in complete serenity.

A mood board is realized for you on each project. It takes into account whole of your requirements and constraints, and present the different propositions of creations and recommendations. Each material is precisely described to ease your understanding and give a meaning to each ideas within its entirety.

The talent and precision of our designer, in constant link with our seamstress, juggle with feasibility, performance, trend and aesthetic for exceptional creations and often acclaimed by our customers.


An essential step in the progress of your project

In ready to wear, the prototype or main sample is an essential step in the progress of your project. At this stage, your idea comes to life with the chosen materials and the proper assembly. The starting hypothesis can then be confirmed or modified to precise and ensure the realization of your garment or accessory.

The luxury market does not allow vague cuts or inadequate finishing touches. It is then the good time to work concretely on designer’s propositions and on different topics of the mood board (materials, design, finishing, assembly, fit…) and to measure the time of realization to reach your objectives of refinement all while considering the optimization of your cost price and your profitability.

Management of the realization

Our seamstress take charge of the realization of you prototypes with the utmost attention and manufacture accessories, dress, suits, bags, … with utmost care with the purpose of giving you appropriate comments to improve your final product (positioning, easy of assembly, material elasticity,…) et to ease your production launch.

Working with an expert on noble materials and expectation of high quality confection, at this stage, is essential to avoid neglecting a main element before launching the production of the range and to provide the main sample, the product of reference for the production.

All the time required for the realization of your prototype will be granted for your complete satisfaction.

Finally, if you already have a prototype in your possession and you wish to duplicate it with the purpose of presenting your collection to different commercial agents, we can manufacture for you this few pieces in the material of your choice.