Technical garments for specifics, technical and connected jobs

The knowhow of Adenio team is acknowledged to answer at the needs of the most specific jobs in which a man’s life can, sometime, be at risk.
The design of technical garments, for high risks, connected or integrating measurement sensors is an upstream work to be able to study and compose around this key elements of the product.

The choice of materials can turn out to be difficult when regulations and standards in effect have to be respected or even exceeded. To offer you a large panel of materials, solutions, treatments, trims, we work with plentiful suppliers and help you in the research of your fabrics to give you the most adequate solution.

Suits for which comfort has to rhyme with ergonomics, we know as well how to bring our expertise and advise you to make them easy to put on, light to wear, comfortable, in the choice of a thread or a button, to make them waterproof or breathable, with UV resistant colors…

We work with various professions whose garments, accessories or protection equipment are very sophisticated and include plenty of constraints.

Entrust us your project, your expectations, we will be pleased to present you the solution.

An elaborated confection adapted to technical materials

The materials and assembly technics are numerous and often determined by the constraints of the bearer. We master all of these and know how to offer you adapted solutions to your restrictions :

  • Membrane
  • Neoprene
  • Jersey
  • Woolly products two or three layers
  • Aluminized fabric
  • Fiberglass fabrics
  • PU foams and plates
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Waterproof, breathable fabrics
  • Ceramic fabrics
  • BIO cotton
  • Oekotex products
  • Water repellent products
  • Antistatic materials
  • Inclusion of pressure sensor, temperature, …
  • Inclusion of detectors
  • Inbuilt connection
  • Addition of reinforcement
  • Waterproof seams
  • Ultrasound seams